1 Year Associate’s Degree Online – Top 8 Programs

Despite the fact, it’s generally described as a “two-year” program, it’s becoming even more popular for many students choose to pursue the shorter path of the “1 Year Associate’s Degree Online”. However, certain fields of specialties may require way longer (3+ years) to complete their associate’s level education.

1 Year Associate's Degree Online

1 Year Associate’s Degree Online Programs In The US

In the United States, associate degrees are customarily acquired in 2+ years. they can either be pursued via enrolling to community colleges, technical schools, vocational institutions, or other private educational establishments.

Students who want to complete a 2-year Associate’s program can choose one of the following fields:

  • (AA) Associate in Arts: Liberal Arts and Sciences such as social science and humanities areas.
  • (AS) Associate in Science degree: Scientific and technical specialties.
  • (AAS) Associate in Applied Science

However. if you’re more enthusiastic about obtaining your credentials and enhancing your career openings, you can consider one of the following accelerated 1 Year Associate’s Degree Online.

What’s The Importance Of Credit-By-Exam if You Want to Earn a 1 Year Associate’s Degree Online?

In fact, there are 3 traditional approaches to obtain a college degree:
1 – Register and get credit for classes you at a 4-year school, then, graduate with a bachelor’s degree with a total average of 120-credit hours.

2 – Register and get credit for classes at a 2-year school then, graduate with an associate degree with a total average of 60-credit hours.

3 – Receive school credits from online college courses through credit-by-exams, then, transfer these credits to the college of your choice. You can receive approximately 3- 4-credit hours for each class or test you pass.

Top 8 Programs For 1 Year Associate’s Degree Online 

1 Year Associate's Degree Online
1 Year Associate’s Degree Online
  1. Truckee Meadows Community College’s Associate of Applied Science in Business
  2. Miami Dade College Associate of Arts degree
  3. Purdue University Global allows students to earn a criminal justice associate’s degree
  4. Purdue University Global’s associate’s in the fire science program
  5. Purdue University Global’s  Associate program of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies
  6. Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology online from Purdue University Global
  7. Azusa Pacific University associate’s degree in health sciences
  8. Howard College’s Accelerated  Associate’s Transition Program Nursing Degree

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