10+ Online Degree Zoology Animal Biology Programs

Online Degree Zoology Animal Biology programs are designed to provide students with understanding for zoology principles. Starting from the fundamental levels of recognizing the nature and formation of molecules and cells, up to the expert level of ecosystems knowledge.

Online Degree Zoology Animal Biology

Online Degree Zoology Animal Biology – Class Curriculum

Bachelor’s Online Degree Zoology Animal Biology typically take 4-5 years to complete. The program length depends on each school specifications. Subjects included in the Online Degree Zoology Animal Biology coursework cover rudimentary biology, mathematics and statistics, physics, and chemistry.

Most Online Zoology programs allow students to choose a field of specialization only for upper-level classes. These are the most common focus areas to choose from:

  • Animal behavior
  • Marine biology
  • Heredity and progression
  • Comparative Anatomy
  • Animal Neurobiology

Most bachelor’s Online Degree Zoology Animal Biology usually allow students to finish the entire coursework at their own pace in a predetermined time frame, other programs ask students to earn some sort of internship, or hands-on practice to grant them the certification.

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Online Degree Zoology Animal Biology

Top Universities For Online Degree Zoology Animal Biology Programs

It is worth mentioning that the scope Online Degree Zoology Animal Biology is comparatively modest. This may be because that expected job growth is only 7% by the year 2020. In addition to that average annual income of zoologists is only $57,430 and can even be as low as $35,500 for entry-level jobs.

However, if you truly are passionate about animals and aspires how to take proper care for them and you are also a fan of studying biology, this would make the perfect program for you.

Online Degree Zoology Animal Biology

Best Specialized Online Zoology Programs

General Zoology:

Wildlife Biology:

Marine Biology:

Animal Science:

Animal Biology:

Veterinary Technology :

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