Online Degree Business Administration Programs

The study of an online degree business administration at the bachelor level or undergraduate level is a study aimed at introducing the student to the various management principles and methods used in the business. The study programs in business administration at the undergraduate level cover many business sectors in different fields such as marketing management study Business Administration, Human Resources Management, E-Business Management, Business Management Information Systems, Management of International Transport Business.
Online Degree Business Administration

Online Degree Business Administration

Academic Content For the Online Degree Business Administration Coursework

If you intend to join an Online Degree Business Administration Programs, the study of business administration at the university stage includes various study materials aimed at providing students with specialized academic skills in business administration and qualifying students to know the business problems that the institution may face in performing its work and how to develop solutions.

Business Administration Programs

As well as explain the performance of the business enterprise and how to improve or maintain it in order to continue to achieve the objectives of the organization, and can address the most important subjects taught by students of business administration at the online university stage as follows:

Mathematical and Statistical Studies

This study aims to provide students with the necessary mathematical and statistical knowledge in the administration and how to collect and analyze the results of computational information by studying linear programming, logarithms and calculus calculations.

Study of Human Resources:

The objective of the study is to prepare the student to deal with the legal and functional structure in which the commercial establishments operate.
Finance Studies: One of the most prominent business management materials. The aim of this study is to introduce the student to the position of the financial institution, the value of its shares, the ways of financing it, and the methods of dealing with investors.

Economics Studies:

This study includes the study of both macro and microeconomics where the various economic systems are studied, the factors of price determination and control, the study of market trends, costs and revenues.


In this study, you will know the principles of accounting and practical skills, and how to read and analyze accounting data and use it for the benefit of the business.

So, Stay tuned for our updates 2019 list of the most famous universities that offer you access to obtain an online degree business administration program.

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